Party tents

Choose one of the basic tent variants and specify the dimensions in demand.

Party tent is a tent or a marquee of a smaller size. It is manufactured in widths from 3 to 10 meters and features a small weight of individual parts and easy assembly. For its variability they are popular with smaller corporate venues, garden parties and family celebrations. They are also used as connecting elements to other temporary structures and sheds.

They are recommended for short-term rentals.

Building a party tent does not take much time and the size can be customized to current clientś requirements. We can achieve a very attractive appearance by connecting one or more types of tents.

Another option that party tents and event marquees can be used for is for an extension of existing buildings. They can be easily connected to the original buildings and thus solve the problem of lack of space for all guests, dance floor, catering or kitchen.

Thanks to the setting where we build a party tent and the decoration, every event becomes totally exceptional. Whether you organize a conference, a business meeting, an exhibition or a promotion event – the advantage is a party tent set in the place that perfectly matches the theme of the event. Different types, shapes and sizes of tents that you can connect with each other can appeal to everyone whether you are looking for classics or a completely new idea and innovation.