Marquees for corporate and private parties

Party tents and pagoda marquees can be used as an alternative solution for sheltering an exhibition, corporate and private celebrations, banquets, smaller sports and cultural events. Thanks to the professional approach and the use of high-quality materials, we can put up an interesting and unique shelter for your event in a short time.

The construction of a party tent does not take long. The size can be customized according to current clientś requirements. The constructions are made in widths of 3 – 10m and eave heights of 2,30 and 3m. Naturally one or more types of tents can be connected together so we can achieve quite an attractive appearance.

If there is a need to organize a company event for your employees, business partners or sales promoters an event marquee or a party tent enables you to stay in your business location and enjoy the atmosphere of the “home” environment or on the contrary to organize an unforgettable “green meadow” event. Often it happens that the place where you wanted to organize your event has already been booked and especially at this moment, party tents are the ideal alternative solution.

Another option that party tents and event marquees offer is the extension of existing buildings. They can be connected to the original buildings and thus solve the problem with a lack of space for all guests, with a dance floor, catering, kitchen.

Companies rent large capacity marquees particularly for their variability. Thanks to the setting where we place the marqueet, thanks to the decoration, every event organized in the marquee becomes unique. Whether you hold a conference, business meeting, exhibition or a promotional event, the advantage is a party tent set in the place that perfectly matches the theme of the event. Different types, shapes and sizes of tents that you can connect with each other can appeal to everyone whether you are looking for classics or a completely new idea and innovation.

It is certainly worth mentioning the possibility of using a smaller tent as a storage space during your event. The tent can be build separately or it can be connected to an existing building. It can be used as a storage space or as premises for a promo team. What is quite common is building a row of smaller party tents along the path each of them providing its private space.

There is really an absolutely inexhaustible amount of use of party tents and event marquees.
Here are just some of them:

  • Wedding
  • Garden party
  • Promotion event
  • Birthday party
  • Ball, annual event
  • Exhibitions and fairs
  • Festivals
  • Markets and outdoor sales events