Temporary structure 21 m

This is a basic type of a temporary structure from which the development of other marquees and tents is derived.

It comes in a range of width and eave height, and for its fast assembly, dismantling and easy maintenance it has become a popular type of temporary structures designed for storage and industrial use as well as for organizing exhibitions, corporate presentations, sports and cultural events.

Depending on a sort of the event, the type of cover is selected. For storage purposes, classic high-strength PVC sheets, trapezoidal sheet or plastic are used. For exhibition marquees and party events we recommend covers with windows, trade show coffers, or possibly a more luxurious option, such as aluminium tiles with transparent fillings. This type of side cover replaces the classic glass window. Temporary structures can be equipped with different types of doors and gates for industrial and commercial use.

It is recommended for short to medium period rentals.


šířka halyšírka halyWidth of a temporary structure21,00 m21,00 m21,00 m
výška v okapuvýška v odkvapeEave height2,40 m / 3,00 m / 4,00 m2,40 m / 3,00 m / 4,00 m2,40 m / 3,00 m / 4,00 m
výška v hřebenivýška v hrebeniRidge height5,80 m / 6,40 m / 7,40 m5,80 m / 6,40 m / 7,40 m5,80 m / 6,40 m / 7,40 m
sklon střechysklon strechyRoof pitch18 °18 °18 °
boční krokbočný krokBay distance5,00 m5,00 m5,00 m
počet nohou v čelepočet nôh v čeleNumber of posts in front4 čelové nohy4 čelové nohy4 front posts
nejdelší dílnajdlhší dielLongest component11,30 m11,30 m11,30 m
minimální délkaminimálna dĺžkaMinimum length25,00 m25,00 m25,00 m
maximální délkamaximum lengthMaximum lengthbez omezeníbez omezenínot limited
hlavní profilhlavný profilMain profile220×100×4 mm220×100×4 mm220×100×4 mm
maximální rychlost větrumaximálna rýchlosť vetraMaximum wind speed100 km/h100 km/h100 km/h

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